This is a site featuring haiku poetry, inspired by the beauty of life in Canberra.

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry composed of a 5-7-5 string of sound units – only 17 syllables complete the entire poem. (Traditionally. But some straying is allowed).

Through its short, simple form, haiku aims to evoke feelings of familiarity and reflection in the reader. The reader partly becomes the writer of a haiku, by recognising their own experiences and supplying their own imagery to complement the words.

Haiku encourages one to reflect on nature and life, and their momentary and eternal qualities. It is often associated with Zen.

Canberra is a unique place of natural beauty. It is also full of busy people. Hopefully this site encourages us to pause, take some time, and appreciate the wonder around us every day.

The haikus on the site are written by a variety of Canberrans. We don’t expect to achieve the mastery of great poets. But it is enjoyable to create, learn, and share. Haiku is an easy artform to practise.

Please contribute. Accompanying drawings, sketches, paintings are welcome.

a single 
leaf falling
increases the darkness”

Kobayashi Issa